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Fanfiction for: Cars
Rating: K+
Genre: Hurt/Comfort


The old car couched and spluttered as he opened his eyes. Light barely touched his room through the windows but the town of radiator springs could be seen clearly.
He shifted uncomfortably. Everything felt locked up, and his engine felt like it wasn't his own.

Looking around the darkened room the car tried to get a sense of his surroundings. The walls were covered in posters that had pictures of a Hudson Hornet on it. The floor was made out of wood that shone wherever the sunlight touched. A little table sat at the front of the room with a newspaper on it.

With another glance around the room the car went to move, freezing when the door opened to reveal a Mercury Police Cruiser followed by a 1957 Chrysler Dart and a Tow Truck. Quickly the disorientated car closed his eyes, hoping the other cars would leave soon.

The police car looked at the car in front of him. "Hey, Doc." He whispered as he looked up at his old friend. A sense of loneliness washed over the veteran police car. Doc had been one of his closest friends for a long time. Now all that was left were memories. While it pained him the police car knew everything happened for a reason, and that everyone had to go one day.

"Just came by to say that we all miss you." The Chrysler Dart added. "Lightning is a little broken up today… I still can't believe it's been five years since you left us." She looked up at Doc's still body. It didn't seem that long ago since he was yelling at his rookie to go around the track faster or to get to training on time. At the time it annoyed the Radiator Springs residents, but now the Chrysler would do anything for it to happen again.

"McQueen's now known as the Bestest Race Car in the Whole Wide World." The Tow Truck said with a sad smile. "You'd be real proud of him, that's for sure." The Tow Truck adjusted his hook, remembering the times Doc had sent him to fetch McQueen because training had gone wrong. The rookie race car had a knack for driving into the closest cactus. Which annoyed Doc.

"Who are you talking about?" Doc asked in a small voice, just daring to open his eyes. He wanted to curl up into a tiny ball, go unnoticed until these cars left, but he had gathered they were talking to him. It made Doc feel ill at ease. However another part of him was too stubborn to show any weakness to these people.

The other cars looked at him stunned for a few moments before driving out of the building faster than Mater running from the Ghost Light.

"Who am I?" Doc added before letting the darkness invade his vision,
I couldn't help myself. The idea came to me when I was trying to get to sleep.

I really missed Doc in the second movie, but I still liked the movie overall.

I know I could've done better in some places, but I want some things to remain a mystery for now. All will be revealed.

I think that's all I need to put here. Not very chatty today.

Chapter 2 :la: [link]
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You're welcome
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